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Hello people! Long time no see... Well, I've been getting busier and busier on deviantArt, so if you really want to get the latest news about my life, you should probably head to there for now.

Anyway. Today I'd like to talk about the interactive webcomic I started back in March. Because, well, if you care about what I do, well, that's what I do at the current time.

Introducing... Creative Release!

(The poster links to the current homepage, where you'll find more data about the project proper).

I'm currently approaching the end of Level 02 (which is basically the second chapter); by the time I'm done with it, the first narrative arc will be complete (so, you get a the full "first tome"). There are fifty six pages online, and as stated on the poster it's an interactive story so you have the possibility to act through comments (on dA, though).

Other than that, sometime in February I'll be starting Level 03, which is the beginning of the second narrative arc. Hope to count you in my readers by then ^_^.

If you have questions or remarks, don't hesitate!


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Name's Kalista, I'm an apprentice witch and I write a little. Glad to meet you!
I write in English or in French, depending on my mood. There might be a few bilingual posts, but I realised a few months ago this tends to kill the magic, so... I'll probably avoid these.

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